Powerful solvent for degreasing surfaces.

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The solvent that removes even stubborn deposits without residues

Prior cleaning of the surfaces to be treated is indispensable when working with paints or adhesives. KENT Acrysol is a powerful solvent developed to clean surfaces by effectively removing deposits and remaining soiling just as oils, greases, waxes and adhesive residues. If you want to achieve best results when painting metal surfaces or plastics using KENT Acrysol solvent is indispensable since this is the only way to guarantee perfect bonding and uniform paint distribution. Even stubborn silicone deposits can be completely removed with this high-performance solvent. KENT Acrysol evaporates completely without residues and does not leave any grease film or other residues.

The benefits of KENT Acrysol at a glance

  • Universal solvent for the removal of greases, waxes and adhesives
  • Removes silicone deposits and tar residues
  • Flashes off quickly
  • Non-aggressive even for fresh paint
  • Does not leave any residues

KENT Solvent Perfect for pretreatment in professional applications

Because of its universal potential this premium solvent from KENT should be an integral part of any master craftsman’s shop since it can be used on almost any surface. Even freshly applied paints are not attacked by KENT Acrysol. KENT Acrysol is also ideal for surface treatment before bonding work, and because it is neither too “hot” nor too “cold” it can be safely applied to most surfaces. Acrysol is excellent for the removal of preservation wax on new cars but should not be used on ABS plastics. KENT solvent prevents the formation of silicone craters, effectively softens adhesives and evaporates without odour and can therefore be well used in workshops. This is a very pure and yielding solvent available in 500 ml, 1 litre or 200 litre packaging according to the particular need.

Quick and safe to use

You can spray KENT Acrysol simply on the surface to be cleaned or apply it on a clean cloth used to wipe off the surface. The solvent should then be allowed to soak for a few minutes. Subsequently wipe off the treated surface with a dry cloth and repeat the procedure as often as necessary for stubborn soiling. Excess Acrysol can be removed with a dry cloth or allowed to evaporate on its own.

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