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Anti-Seize – KENT – 83972



High-grade temperature-resistant copper grease. A redemption and assembly paste containing very small copper particlesin a non-melting Bentone base grease together with very strong anticorrosion and anti-oxidation inhibitors.

52,28 lei incl. VAT


Our valuable and highly effective copper grease provides you with a strong product for your universal use. It is suitable for the entire vehicle area and is a major contributor to maintaining the value of your vehicle or machines. Applied once, this high-grade copper grease develops a rugged protective film. It reliably reduces damages and noises from friction. They can be caused, for example, by metallic surfaces or parts rubbing against each other. Regardless of the area in which you employ our unique copper grease – you will certainly counteract rusting of nuts, bolts and other parts. In addition, the uniform protective film lets you prevent seizing or even complete rusting together of moving components or surfaces in contact with each other.

All benefits of KENT Anti-Seize copper grease at a glance

  • High-temperature resistant copper grease
  • Wide temperature range: -30 °C to +1100 °C
  • For dense and uniform protective film
  • Against seizing and rust
  • Waterproof and yielding

Copper grease facilitates easy assembly and disassembly

The high-grade copper grease Anti-Seize has a particularly powerful effect. Once applied it provides a uniform and especially dense protective film. This not only lets you prevent damages through external influences, such as moisture, but also supports and enables flawless friction of components of vehicles and machines having contact with each other. This produces best mechanical action and function and the protective film supports flexibility. In addition, lubrication with the copper grease aids your employees with the perfect and uncomplicated assembly of individual components, such as metal surfaces, bolts, screws and more. Dismantling of all sorts of parts is made easier as well by using the highly efficient copper grease.

Easy to use – resistant at high temperatures

The special highlight of this highly efficient copper grease is not only the pronounced performance features, based on the proprietary concept, but this efficient grease convinces especially by its outstanding temperature resistance. It withstands even highest temperatures, and the dense protective film is not damaged. This provides you with an incomparable product for engine and machinery applications. It’s extreme ease of use is another advantage. Please be sure to follow the information on the packaging in detail or consult our data sheets. We’ll be glad to offer you detailed and competent advice; just contact us.